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Jacqueline Kirby Series


“…you must have a weakness for weirdos.” “I do – if you mean people with unorthodox opinions about obscure subjects. They’re so much more interesting than so-called normal people.” Jacqueline Kirby (known as “Jake” to her friends), a librarian turned romance novelist, enjoys nothing more than people who take themselves way too seriously. Whether it is history buffs exploring ancient Roman ruins or a convention of romance writers, Jacqueline enters…

Vicky Bliss Series

MPM hard at work on a Vicky Bliss novel

“A hideous qualm passed through me, surpassing in hideousness all the minor qualms I had felt in the course of the day.” – Vicky, Silhouette in Scarlet, p. 36 Welcome to the Vicky Bliss page! For those unfamiliar with Vicky Bliss, she is the hero of an Elizabeth Peters mystery series, an art historian with a specialty in medieval Europe who works at the National Museum in Munich. Her work…

Amelia Peabody Series


Another Shirt Ruined: The Official Amelia Peabody Page “Another dead body. Every year it is the same. Every year, another dead body…” – Abdullah, p. 151, Lion in the Valley Welcome to the official web page of mystery fiction’s preeminent archaeologist / detective, Amelia Peabody! Star of a series of mysteries penned by Elizabeth Peters, Amelia indulges her passions for mysteries, pyramids, and irascible husband Emerson while kindly taking the…

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