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The Seventh Sinner
The Seventh Sinner – Jacqueline meets up with a group of art and art history students in the romantic city of Rome. The fun turns to fear after one of the students is murdered, and another is beset by a series of mysterious accidents. Jacqueline turns detective, in an effort to locate the murderer before he strikes again!
The Murders of Richard III
The Murders of Richard III – Jacqueline joins her friend Thomas Carter in England, and becomes involved in solving one of most famous unsolved murders of all time: what reallyhappened to the princes in the Tower. Before Jacqueline can solve that mystery, however, she has to tackle another – who’s playing the possibly fatal practical jokes on the Richard III re-enactors?
cvr-dieDie For Love – Jacqueline, in need of a tax deduction, travels to a writer’s conference in New York city. It’s a conference of romance writers, full of glamour, celebrity, excited fans, and excessive amounts of pink bunting. Romance sours, however, when an unpopular celebrity gossip columnist dies suddenly. Was it just an accident, or was it murder? Jacqueline puts romance writing on the back burner, while she tracks down clues to solve the mystery.
cvr-nakedNaked Once MoreNaked in the Ice was an overwhelmingly popular historical novel by author Kathleen Darcy, who committed suicide before she could write the planned sequel. After seven years she has been decreed legally dead, and the heirs to the estate have requested that a sequel to Naked be written. This all seems like a dream come true to Jacqueline, who wants to break out of the romance field. But she becomes intrigued by Kathleen Darcy’s life, family, and ex-boyfriend, and dogged by competitors in the publishing field who think they should have been chosen to write the sequel. As Jacqueline sets out to discover more about Kathleen’s past, she is haunted by a series of strange accidents. Jacqueline has to work fast to determine who is trying to silence her, and why.