A Poem by MPM

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We thought some of you would enjoy reading this sonnet, written by MPM when she was in high school. To-Books-Sonnet

To Books

More swift than rolling wheels or soaring wings,
These pages, printed clearly, black on white,
Can bring me all the the lovely, far-off things
And places I have dreamed about at night.

I know the greenness of English lanes
Which Shakespeare roamed;I’ve been in distant lands
Where silent, richly-laden camel trains
Traverse the slowly shifting desert sands.

Through books the garnered wisdom of the years
Will open at my touch; at my command
The loves of men long dead, their grief, their tears
Spring up again, alive, beneath my hand.

Though held to home, my feet may journey far;
Though bound to earth, my hand may touch a star

~ Barbra Gross ~