Barbara Rosenblat to read Painted Queen…..

… we can confirm this long-awaited piece of news now.
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  1. John Rhoads says:

    Yes! The Queen of audio books will read the Queen. How perfect to do all of them. No one could do it better.

  2. Barbara Albin says:

    Looking forward to the Painted Queen in Audible. Hope it comes out at the same time as the book.

  3. Mary Groft says:

    I’m so happy to learn that there will be another Amelia Peabody book. I have so missed the adventures of her remarkable and entertaining family. I always feel happy when I’m reading or listening to a book from this series. Thank you!

  4. Jeanne Mitchler-Fiks says:

    Looking forward eagerly to hearing it!

  5. Kristin w says:

    She is the best. If you haven’t heard one of her readings of Amelia, you are missing out. She makes the character come alive in your mind.

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