Final Amelia Book Due to Publish in 2017!

WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT HARPER-COLLINS HAS NOW ACCEPTED A FINISHED VERSION OF “THE PAINTED QUEEN” – a manuscript partially written by Elizabeth Peters and finished by her dear friend, mystery writer Joan Hess, with help from another dear friend, Egyptologist Salima Ikram. The book goes back to fill us in about the Emersons’ activities during the excavation season when the famed Nefertiti bust was discovered. The projected publication date is July 2017!

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  1. Heather Johnson says:

    I am wondering if anyone will take up Amelia’s story and tell us what will happen to the Emerson family.

    • Margie Carson says:

      Did you realize that the last Vicky Bliss book gives us the source of the manuscripts???? Very cool.

      • Kelly says:

        And I think John (from the Vicky Bliss novels) is an Emerson…I think one of Walter’s descendants. I don’t remember which novel I got that from though.

        • Tina says:

          Hey Kelly – Based on the last couple of Vicky Bliss novels, I think John is actually related to Ramses… would love a discussion on this if anyone is interested.

          • mpmmanor says:

            This would be a fun discussion! We’ll send the idea along to the Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr crews as well ….. (they tend to have more active exchanges than we get here) ALSO, we’re always glad to post news of discussions about the Peters or Michaels or Mertz books to the fans with whom we’re connected!

          • S. Toledo says:

            I am a huge EP fan but not as knowledgeable as you people on this page. I always thought Emerson was not Rameses’ father. It seemed like a lot of things kind of pointed to it. I clearly need to read more books but the comment above made me wonder. Can someone enlighten me? I’m headed to download unread VB’s.

          • mpmmanor says:

            Sorry for our delay here — we had some technical difficulties — and also were knocked sideways when Joan Hess died — just starting to catch up.

            BUT, we’re pretty positive that Emerson is Ramses’s father. Very interested in your take on the VB connection after you’ve taken a look!

    • Margaret Preston says:

      I have just read that Lord Sheffield on a Saturday in 1893 had Professor Budge of the Brit Museum unroll a mummy on tables in front of his cricket pavilion. in Sheffield Park. ( early test match ground) Unfortunately too late to pass on to EP but if anyone wishes to read the whole piece it’s in Ashdown Forest Living, June 2017,, The Extravagant Earl.

  2. Betty says:

    Loved the Egyptian series on audio. Trying to remember the word used to describe her morning habits. Used it in a corporate class for promotion. Got it and now Can’t recall! Trying to instill into daughters importance of vocabulary. Save me!

  3. Deb McClanahan says:

    Glad to see the site for my late favorite author is up. Wish there were another book in the pipeline.

  4. Charmaine Ploof says:

    Elizabeth Peters was my most favorite writer. Like all of her fans, Imiss her very much. Thank you for maintaining her wonderful Web site.

  5. Georgia Couch says:

    Did she leave any unpublished manuscripts that might be completed and published posthumously?

    I find myself identifying with Amelia. I have reached, as she would say, ‘a certain age’, and think with mixed feelings about hers and Emerson’s (and their inventor’s) ride off into the sunset aboard The Amelia.

    • mpmmanor says:

      Yes, we were just able to announce that the publisher has accepted a finished version of the manuscript she left — we announced this on our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts (you should be able to get those links on this page…) But, thank you for this prod to update the new webpage as well!

  6. Suzanne Bien says:

    Started rereading Amelia in order. Just as enjoyable and interesting as ever !
    The author was truly talented and is very greatly missed by this reader.
    Thanks for the updated website as I have not read all of her other books.

  7. Sarah Fuller says:

    I’m wondering if The Painted Queen will involve the fling Ramses and the lovely priestess had. I’ve been thinking of the possible complications with Nefret and children, etc. Now I’ll start a re-read to prep for the publication.

  8. Maria Adele Pozzi says:

    I am very glad of the news about The Painted Queen and I look forward to read it.
    Thanks for maintaning the site.

  9. Marilyn Jones says:

    THRILLED to see Painted Queen will come out in 2017..!!!
    I am sure it was very difficult to reach this point.
    My all time favorite author whose humor and interesting adventures saved many a dark day.
    thank you

    • christine vereecken says:

      oh marilyn i so agree, i will be bitter sweet reading when you know our favorite author has indeed passed and now a book echos her spirit, i survived on the emersons for many a year in my life when all was sadness, she brought humor, fun ,adventure and family love

  10. Laura Piotrowski says:

    I have read and listened to her books for years, and they have given me so much pleasure. I am currently listening to The Golden One during my drive to work. It is narrated by the wonderful Barbara Rosenblat. I am so happy to know the The Painted Queen is going to be released next year. I hope that there will also be an audio version done by Barbara Rosenblat. She captures the personalities of the Emerson family so well. Amelia’s comments make me laugh out loud.

  11. shelley says:

    So happy to hear there will be one more book. The Amelia Peabody series is my favorite, for the great characters, the history and archaeology, the setting, and especially Amelia’s and Emerson’s marriage. I went to Egypt about 10 years ago with only my knowledge from these books to guide me and I was not disappointed.

    After reading my reasons for loving this series, does anyone have any recommendations of similar books?

    • Kate Logan says:

      My second favourite author is Laurie R. King. Her Mary Russell series is ALMOST as good as the Amelia Peabody series. The premise sounds incredibly silly when you first hear it, but the books themselves are great.

      • mpmmanor says:

        … we just discovered Mary Russell … and we’re on our 4th book! hard to put down! MPM (Barbara) was a huge Sherlock fan ….

  12. I have come to know and love the Egyptology series through narrator Barbara Rosenblatt. Being a narrator myself I am amazed at her ability to convey not only character voices of all ages, gender, and accents but their detailed personalities. I hope she will do this newest one.

  13. Marianne Mandet says:

    We miss you, dear Ms Peters. So sad you left us.
    But I was really happy to hear that a new book was coming !
    I have discovered two years ago that Ms Peters had written a lot of other books, and now I’m trying to read them all !! But Amelias’ adventures are my favourite.

  14. Gretchen says:

    I am surprised and excited to learn there will be one more story for Amelia and her family. I just hope it lives up to the originals.

    • mpmmanor says:

      Each book has its own charm – and this one will have the added spark of Ms. Hess’s input. As Ms. Peters was quite ill when she was working on this book, we’re just so lucky that she got as far as she did, and that Ms. Hess was willing to step in and devote literally years of her life to finishing the project … a true act of love. (Just as Ms. Peters did when she finished Charlotte MacLeod’s last book, The Balloon Man (see our post on

  15. Alison says:

    I have been chomping at the bit for TPQ for several years! It seemed like the Large Print listing was always up, and the title was tantalizingly always just a few months away. The date would come and go, and I’d sigh and start stalking Amazon et. al. again for a hint.

    This is wonderful news, and a balm to my soul after a difficult week. This may be the last Elizabeth Peters book I have the joy of reading, but it will be treasured all the more.

  16. Astrida says:

    Have been re-reading Amelia series and the Vicky Bliss series. I am overjoyed (seriously, I am really happy) that another book is coming out. I think that Joan Hess will do a great job. Really looking forward to reading it!

  17. Robyn Wright says:

    Will it really happen next year after the disappointment of this one?

    What will I do when I get my copy? Dive right in or sit and hold it for a while, stroking the cover and holding it close knowing it to be the last of a much-loved series?

    Amelia wouldn’t shed a few tears, but I hope she will forgive me if I do.

    • mpmmanor says:

      we’re with you …. but we can always start again at the beginning (as Barbara was known to do with the Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Rings series, and many other favorites…)

      • Robyn Wright says:

        I will either have to retrieve ‘Crocodile…..’ from my daughter or buy another copy. This would be the third because I keep saying either ‘You must read this…’ or ‘I know just the book for you…’.

        One copy returned to America with friends from that country who were visiting Australia; the introduction was my pleasure and delight.

      • It charms me to hear that Barbara reread those series, as I do periodically, along with Charlotte MacLeod’s books, Ngaio Marsh’s, and Dorothy L. Sayers’s. In my opinion, Barbara is the only one who can hold a candle to Dorothy Sayers. Not a witticism or nuance out of place! How wonderful for all of us that she wrote so many books, including those as Barbara Michaels.

  18. Ann Gleason says:

    Yes, I can’t wait. Thank you for a wonderful lifetime of reading.

  19. Mandy says:

    Huge Amelia fan, as read the way only Barbara Rosenblat can. Truly sad when I read the news but now almost ready to wet myself with excitement about the new book. Are there plans for an audio?? Hope Ms. Rosenblat is the narrator!

  20. Cynthia Fulton says:

    I, too, am thrilled to read all of Elizabeth Peters novels about the adventures of Amelia and Emerson. I would like to have the number and order of the total series for my collection. Thank you.

  21. Judy Hostetter says:

    Is there any possibility these stories will be produced as a series on say, “Masterpiece” or any other televised production? I have always thought they would be a highly visually entertaining series.

  22. […] Speaking of Elizabeth Peters, did you see there will be A NEW BOOK THIS YEAR?? I am so excited. (I thought I had posted this, but I possibly squeed on Goodreads […]

  23. Connie De Fazio says:

    Very excited for this publication! Thank you to her friends who have made this possible!

  24. Michelle F. says:

    Yay! But sad that it’s the last in the series (although good that there are lots of others in the series). I actually have a book signed by Elizabeth Peters. I think it was in 1997 and I had her sign The Hippopotamus Pool, her latest one. It was a library event, Authors Authors, where they have a book signing and a speech beforehand. She was just as humorous in person as she is in her books. She’s one of my favorite authors.

    I’d heard that this book might come out and so I’m glad that it really will.

  25. Connie says:

    I was introduced to her series by my librarian in a small town where I was living in my 60’s. I read straight through her series. She opened a new world for me about Egypt.. She became my favorite author! I would like to have her complete set of books so I could read them any time I want. Her books touched my soul and I was so sadden by her death. She was an amazing woman and I would have like to have met her. She was an interesting lady and so talented. She went into a field that was dominated by men and made her own statement in her own way. RIP, Elizabeth Peters, you are missed by so many.

    • mpmmanor says:

      SHe would have loved this comment … small-town librarians were her heroines given her own upbringing (partially in a small town in downstate Illinois)…
      AND she co-founded “Malice Domestic” precisely because she was so irked that women (and genres more typically used by women mystery writers) never seemed to get credit…

  26. Dana Allen says:

    Fabulous news and a perfect birthday gift for me! I was very saddened to learn of Ms. Mertz’ passing several years ago and wondered if she had any books in the works. I’m so glad that we will have a chance to visit with these beloved characters one more time and experience another gift from “Elizabeth Peters”. What a wonderful legacy she has given us!

  27. Chris Lee says:

    Just read about the amazing find in Draa abul Nagaa of a fairly intact 21st dynasty tomb with several sarcophagi and lots of ushebtis. Couldn’t help thinking this is right near the spot where the Emersons found Tetisheri’s tomb and wished Barbara could have lived to see it.

  28. Brent Butler says:

    Sadly, I only learned about Barbara Mertz after she passed away. I drop in on a Goodreads group which only discusses works by authors who are no longer with us. A comment there informed the group that, unfortunately, Ms. Mertz’s works were now eligible.

    The comment went on to generally describe the Amelia Peabody series, and while I’ve always been more of a sci-fi fan, I was intrigued by the period and the backdrop of the mysteries.

    So I got to “Crocodile on the Sandbank” the following January, and was quickly hooked on the style and the characters. Over the last three years I’ve included the series in rotation, not wanting to finish it too quickly, and feeling somewhat sad as the unread books have now dwindled to a very few.

    I mentioned the series to my wife as I started to read it, and she was startled to find that (a) I was reading something outside of sci-fi, and (b) that I was reading the Peabody series. She had experienced the entire series through the narration as she commuted to work! I thought it was amusing that while she’s been a fan of the series for many years, she’s never read a word of it! LOL

    Amazon provided me with an ARC of The Painted Queen this week, and it was delightful to get an early look. I believe we all applaud and appreciate Ms. Hess’ efforts to bring us one last visit with the Emersons, and a farewell tribute to the work of Elizabeth Peters. 🙂 I’ve already left a very positive review, and I’m sure Peabody and Emerson fans will find The Painted Queen to be a most welcome last addition to a much beloved series.

  29. Helen St. John says:

    Oh this must involve the bust of Nefertiti and just how it ended up in Berlin instead of Cairo.

  30. Donna says:

    Where does “The Painted Queen” come in the story line? I want to reread all the books up to that point in preparation for the new book. So excited!

  31. Dee Dee says:

    I’m a huge fan, having read all the Amelia Peabody Emerson books many times as well as the other fiction and non-fiction books. Wonderful writer, wonderful to read. Looking forward to The Painted Queen!

  32. Leland says:

    Exciting news on the New book. Amelia and family have been greatly missed.

    • mpmmanor says:

      Apologies for the slow response … with the blog, twitter, tumblr, Facebook, and everything else, we get behind sometimes!!!

  33. Nikki L says:

    What books will this one fit in between? I plan to re-read the whole series (again!) but I’d like to know where this one falls specifically because it comes out on my birthday, and my gift to myself is to sit down and read it cover-to-cover that day! Thanks.

  34. […] Speaking of Elizabeth Peters, did you see there will be A NEW BOOK THIS YEAR?? I am so excited. (I thought I had posted this, but I possibly squeed on Goodreads […]

    • mpmmanor says:

      […] Speaking of Elizabeth Peters, did you see there will be A NEW BOOK THIS YEAR?? I am so excited. (I thought I had posted this, but I possibly squeed on Goodreads […]

      … well and we may have also contributed some technical issues ourselves, as we marked it “approved” back in July but it somehow won’t do what we’ve told it to do. SO, here’s your comment in our answer to your comment! (How’s that for sneaky??) ANd yes, 2017 was a banner year for the fandom … more on that soon!

  35. LBL says:

    It’s published! My copy is winging it’s way towards me as I type!! So happy !!!

    Now do I read it all in one go, or measure it out, chapter by chapter,….

  36. Bonnie says:

    Just received it! It may be a sleepless night, I’m so excited. Thank you Barbara and Joan Hess for finishing her last book, The Painted Queen!

  37. Deborah Lein says:

    I decided on the audiobook. What a blessing for us readers (and Amelia’s extended families) that Barbara Rosenblatt is here to bring them all to life again. Bittersweet to lose my favorite author yet have one more peek at Peabody and Emerson et al in the flesh. Or more precisely in the voice. Barbara Roseblatt could read the phonebook and I would listen raptly.

  38. Rebecca says:

    A new Amelia Peabody book??? Eh Gads! It’s a dream come true.

  39. Sherian McLaughlin says:

    My very favorite author ever………will miss her deeply and always. I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Peter’s and so wish I could of met her. What an author she was, the very best!

  40. Kim Davis says:

    I started over with the audio books by Barbara Rosenblatt several months ago … I SO missed Amelia! Finishing Children of the Storm today!

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